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Well, THIS is a DAMN good article - well done.

I also have hated, despised, dislike stack overflow for many years due to their NON-friendly nature.

"Oh, your comment was not good enough - we do not thank people here". "Oh, you cannot give 'props' to someone who posted a good answer." No, you cannot be friendly to posters - just strictly professional and only provide solid answers."

What a bunch of crap turds. I LIKE TO GIVE KUDOS to folks who provide great or even good answers to questions. I like to express to those who provide good answers A GOOD SHOWING OF GRATITUDE!!!

SCREW THAT CRAP about NOT displaying / writing comments of gratitude...!!!

I am not sure, to me, if stack overflow's admins have good personalities or business acumen to recognize that people like to write content like that - it makes for a better environment. If the posting/comment is way off topic, that is something else.

Thanks Forrest, for posting your content about stack overflow. But even more so about the AI aspect of how we'll likely be getting answers down the road...

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+1 Long ago I decided not to chase clout on Stack Overflow. I love helping folks, but I'm not incentivized to contribute on a platform that actively discourages gratitude.

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"they’re asymptotically mediocre at “creative” tasks, and they’re untrustworthy in any field requiring accurate information"

This has been my experience. But to the point, the LLM chatbot interface is A LOT more friendly than the traditional Stack Overflow message board.

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