You've raised some very insightful observations here. The language-of-choice to solve a problem tends to be the one which best expresses the thought processes and ideas of the culture choosing it. (and their culture tends to emerge from the nature of their environment)

* YAML is great for an ops person to describe the state of some long-lived infra thing they need - and they can get a bonus for adopting IaC!

* TypeScript is wonderful for expressing the very same piece of infra needed by a development team writing an app in the same language - they'll choose Pulumi or CDK and integrate it into their workflows.

* Clicky-Ops is perfect for a middle-manager exploring a brand-new cloud with free credits to assess the viability of the very same piece of infra. (later to tell above teams to migrate for cost benefits)

How we got to a place where we have 10 clouds and 15 languages and 10 frameworks to deploy an S3 bucket is beyond me. We could assess pros/cons all day, and still not deploy the dang bucket ;)

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> Would you rather fight one horse-sized YAML template or 1,000 YAML template-sized horses?

Wow... this post really resonated with me, and speaks to a core problem we're trying to solve at CloudTruth. Wrangling YAML, parameterizing IaC, taming config and secrets sprawl with a "ConfigOps" approach.

A lot of good ideas to contemplate here.

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1K horses any day!

(I know you guys live mostly in the cloud, but for us on-prem grunts and lots of undocumented clickops, no IaC can happen w/o import and intelligent syncing. So no Terraform - at least not as the main tool. Ansible and SCCM maybe?)

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