Hello Forrest. Do you think this can work with foreigners, to work remotely? Do you think you could indicate foreigners to these hiring managers, so the person can get a remote job offer, even not having an US work visa, and not being in the US?

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Hello, thanks for this great offer and post. Please permit me to ask if the offer is still available. I am a Cloud enthusiast who has completed the Google Cloud Engineer and Architect courses on Coursera. I have also completed the Azure Administrator Associate path on Microsoft Learn. Unfortunately, I have not got money to take the official exams yet.

I was recently selected as a scholar for the Udacity/Nutanix Hybrid Cloud scholarship program. That has made it imperative for me to learn about other cloud technologies.

I am really interested in this challenge, but I was wondering if you could help pay for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam?

I hope to get a positive reply from you.

Kind regards,

Osazee O.


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great article! the end-of-VPN remark truly resonated with me. FYI https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/novpn-freddy-turriaf/?published=t

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